WES 2012 – Emerging Opportunities in Education: Pre schools in India… – Sharbari Purkayashtha I | elets Tv

WES 2012 - Emerging Opportunities in Education: Pre schools in India... - Sharbari Purkayashtha I

Sharbari Purkayastha, Head of Products, Rumi Education (P) Ltd
Date: 23-24 July, 2012
Venue: Le Meridien, New Delhi
Brief: Rumi Education is an Organisation that cares deeply about teaching and learning and has created wonderful Pre- Primary Curriculums  for schools. For all those who are associated with Rumi, the experience of building and implementing these programmes has been a  rather joyful one. A number of new ideas have been uncovered in this journey.
The most important idea uncovered is that we need to teach certain specific things to the children. We do serious disservice to children by focussing purely on academics rather than on the process through which learning is delivered at schools. With increased  aspirations and continuous competition to outperform, the child cannot be given stress free environment to blossom. We need series  of interactions between parents and teachers for bringing maximum possible value to the child.
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