WES 2012 - School Education Track: Exploring New frontiers and Innovations in Teacher Education - Lt. Col. A Shekhar

Lt. Col. A. Sekhar, Principal, Atul Vidyalaya,Gujarat
Date: 23-24 July, 2012
Venue: Le Meridien, New Delhi
Brief: Each time we talk about education, we talk about the students, the digital technologies, the parents, and many other important  stakeholders. However, the truth is that be it in schools or even in colleges, it is the teacher who is the fulcrum of the entire education  ecosystem. Perhaps we are not giving adequate importance to the teachers. This is a big mistake that we seem to be making.
Today we have a situation where a technology giant like South Korea is introducing over a lakh robotic teachers into their pre-school’s  curriculum. Does this mean that teachers are on way of becoming extinct species? Are they going to lose their jobs? In the digitised,  highly integrated, multimedia enabled classrooms of today, we are perhaps confused about the exact role of the teacher? If she exists,  then how and where?
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