WES 2012 - School Education Track: Creating Personalised Learning Space in Schools - Shweta Khurana

Shweta Khurana, Head K12 Education, Corporate Affairs Group, South Asia, Intel
Date: 23-24 July, 2012
Venue: Le Meridien, New Delhi
Brief: When we look at the implementation of personalised learning in our schools, one thing becomes crystal clear – there are far too many  challenges in the path of implementing digital teaching techniques in our classrooms.
Everybody is trying to find their own unique solution for personalised learning. Some of these solutions include teaching concepts like  flip classroom and inverted classroom. Attempt is also being made to ensure that every child studies at his/her own pace with his/her  own device.
In order to gain a better insight into the present scenario in education we need to discover the answers to few important questions.
The first question is – with personalised learning will our schools look any different from how they look today? The second question is – What are the ways by which teachers can bring about the much needed change in the way they teach and in  the way students learn? The third question is – Will the teaching-learning process change by itself ?
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