WES 2012 - School Education Track: Creating Personalised Learning Space in Schools - Dr Mala Mehra

Dr. Mala Mehra, Principal, Hoerner College, Lucknow
Date: 23-24 July, 2012
Venue: Le Meridien, New Delhi
Brief: To quote an Indian mother staying abroad, “As parents, we are living in their world; they are not living in ours.” We need to understand that a child’s world is full of technology. We have to accept the child’s world as it is. We cannot expect them to adapt to our world.
To understand the real meaning of the term ‘space,’ and also to have a better insight into the world of a technology obsessed child, I  paid a visit to the Zurich International School. It is an IB school in Zurich. It is a ‘green’ school that does not use paper; everything is  online including the home work.
After interacting with the Principals, students, teachers and parents there, I realised that in India, we are neither ready, nor we do  have infrastructure, and we certainly lack the mindset to fully accept this personalised space concept. At primary level, teachers and  students maintain blogs. Teachers constantly update their blogs with their plan for the day. Students have their homework on blogs.
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