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WES 2012 - School Education Track: Contextual Education Practices... - Rittika C Parruck

Rittika C Parruck, Assistant Director Schools, India, British Council
Date: 23-24 July, 2012
Venue: Le Meridien, New Delhi
Brief: British Council is a government body dedicated to the promotion of cultural understanding and education. The society also imparts  training in English and Arts. The British government invests in creation of cultural understanding through education. British council  trains people in English to help them be a part of the global community, and to find self sustainability and self prosperity in this global  world.
British Council began working specifically for the school sector around year 2002-03. At that time the Council was working on  students and teacher exchange programme, but soon this had to be supplemented by professional development programme which helped students understand the culture of other countries.
The Council also does whole school accreditation awards called the International School Awards. These awards are a bench marking scheme that rates or rewards schools on the basis of how much cross border experience they gift their children through the  curriculum that they are delivering.

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