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WES 2012 - Plenary Session II - Excellence, Inclusion and Outreach... - Sandeep Aneja

Sandeep Aneja, Managing Director, Kaizen Private Equity
Date: 23-24 July, 2012
Venue: Le Meridien, New Delhi
Brief: Education is revolutionising very fast. We have achieved a lot, and we can achieve even more by embracing technology in education.  It is understood that most people don’t understand technology or don’t have access to it. However, the growth in companies in India that provide test, tutoring and other online services is mindboggling to us as investors.
India can not only catch up with the Western world, it can even beat the advanced countries in the digital space. For instance, there is a company called Coursera in which Stanford Professors have uploaded a lot of their courses online and made them entirely free.  Hundreds and thousands of students signed up. If you take the same course in a normal brick and mortar university, it will take you  decades to serve that many students. With digital technology, you can serve a hundred thousand students in a matter of hours.
An online course like that of Coursera allows one to not only test the attitude of a student, but also test their analytical ability by monitoring the pace at which one is learning.

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