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WES 2012 - Plenary Session II - Excellence, Inclusion and Outreach... - R P Sisodia

R P Sissodia, Joint Secretary, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India
Date: 23-24 July, 2012
Venue: Le Meridien, New Delhi
Brief: The challenges that India faces, today, are unique to the world. Huge divide exists in different parts of the country in terms of GER, and  quality, etc. For instance, on the one hand there is 50 percent GER in regular urbanised group, while on the other, in remote areas there is a no question of GER as there are no institutions. Similarly, we have IITs which are accepted worldwide for employment; but  on the flip side we have colleges and schools that do not have basic facilities. There is an urgent need to reconcile these disparities.
There is a pre-conceived notion that inclusion can only be attained at the expense quality. Excellence and strategies of bringing equity and inclusion have to compromise with quality. While we aim to achieve excellence but it should not be at the cost of the rural student,  who does not have access to resources. These are formidable challenges, which need to be overcome.

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