WES 2012 - Plenary Session II - Excellence, Inclusion and Outreach... - Ashok Thakur

Ashok Thakur, Secretary, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India
Date: 23-24 July, 2012
Venue: Le Meridien, New Delhi
Brief: This year is very crucial in terms of planning our next five years. As the 12th five year plan is being implemented, we must also look  back at the experiences of the 11th five year plan. Our ministry conducted a higher education survey, which was the first ever  institution based survey, in which we got data from almost 400 universities.
We have information on almost about 30 percent of the 30,000 odd colleges. Based on that, we conclude that we are on course as far  as GER is concerned. Now we can say that we have overtaken USA in terms of number of students in higher education sector. USA has  19.5 million students in higher education; whereas India has already crossed the 20 million mark. China is the number one.
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