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WES 2012 - Higher Education Track: Leveraging Private Sector for Better Education... - Gaurav Singh Chauhan

Gaurav Singh Chauhan, Manager (Managing Director’s Office), Mahendra Educational Pvt Ltd
Date: 23-24 July, 2012
Venue: Le Meridien, New Delhi
Brief: India, with its plurality and paradoxes, never ceases to fascinate. The growth of the Indian economy in the recent past and the compulsion to sustain such a growth, is now forcing the Indian government to accelerate the process of developing all the branches of Indian education system.
The present day education system has deviated from the traditional system that was prevalent in India. Many career alternatives, which were not formerly regarded as popular options, are now being pursued by students. Upcoming options like e-learning and distance education programmes are serving wonderfully by enabling the less advantaged segment of the society to access quality education.
The recent sling is that knowledge even at the elementary level is not acquired with the intention of extracting jobs, but to build a satisfying career. Lot of efforts are being put to make education easier and enjoyable. But one challenge still remains: We have not been able to cover the entire population under ambit of the literacy.

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