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WES 2012 - Higher Education Track: Emerging Trends in Higher Education... - Dr Francis C Peter

Dr Francis C Peter, Vice-Chancellor, Dr K N Modi University, Newai, Rajasthan

Date: 23-24 July, 2012
Venue: Le Meridien, New Delhi
Brief: Education institutions, particularly those in engineering sector, constantly face the challenge of upgrading their infrastructure to meet global standards. But many of the technical universities and institutions are unable to bring about the requisite improvements, and  they turn into sort of degree shops. The fall in quality of academic research is a direct result of the low calibre of our institutions.
The balance of economic and financial power is gradually but steadily shifting towards Asia. It is high time our educational institutions  made some concerted attempts to focus on higher education. They should attempt to enhance their skill levels by developing key  national and international partnership based on the synergistic power of industry, government and academia. Such partnerships will  be based on academic integrity, diversity of students and faculty, enhancements of the institution’s core mission, and also on factors related to national interest. The success, of course, will depend on the physical, intellectual, and academic infrastructure that the institutions already have.

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