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School Leadership Summit – 2018: Panel Discussion: Realistic methods to increase the comprehension skills of the kindergarten

5thSchool Leadership Summit, Bangaluru – 2018

Panel Discussion: Realistic methods to increase the comprehension skills of the kindergarten/
Nursery students

‘Elets 5th School Leadership Summit – Bangaluru 2018’

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Pritam Kumar Agrawal, Director, Hello Kids

We cater to the age group of 1.5-3 years. We introduced mike which was well received by the kids since they were able to hear their own voices clearly. They wanted to speak more and more on mikes. We recorded their rhymes and sentences and children loved listening to themselves again.This has led to increase in their thinking abilities, their vocabularies etc. The stage fear has gone out.

Padma Priya, Academic Director, Tulips-The Preschool

At Tulips, we follow a methodology which is a blend of Maria Montessori and playway. The more sensorial experience a child gets, the more neural pathways are formed in the brain. This leads to the betterment of comprehension skills of the child. We aim to give such experiences to the children. We try to have a very enriching environment wherein a child learns to play. In fact our motto is Learn to Play, Play to learn. A child learns how to share things and then he learns through play. He gets to learn how to behave etc..

Dolly Wadia, Trustee, Besant Montessori School

We use only the Montessori method and it is also associated with the theosophical society wherein we give the children certain values and one of them is the theosophical concept of the brotherhood of the man irrespective of the class, creed, colour or sex. We try to imbibe the thought that all human beings are the same and there should be no discrimination. There has been no discrimination by the children or the teachers in our schoo. We hope to make our children ideal citizens.

Ajay Kumar Dube, AGM, Cambridge Montessori

In a short span of five years I have developed 171 schools in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. I have devoted my career to preschools only. A concept can only be successful when children are involved. There are different demonstration methods to teach children alphabets. Technology is playing an important role in making us understand the children’s point of view.

Dr Rati Chandna, Founder & CEO, Gurusthanam – The Play School

Child’s development is determined by various factors like the experiences the children is facing, the relationships he is building, etc. This is the most crucial phase when the neurons burst in the brain and a child is eager to learn everything. A lot of questions arises in a child’s brain. If a child’s queries get ansered, he gets motivated.

Jitendra Karsan, CEO, Safari Kid

We are a Silicon Valley based preschool. We are present in seven countries. We launched in India two years back. We are present in Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and now in Delhi. Each child is different and has his own learning curve., We try to understand each student’s perspective and then we customise the curriculum, to what they need. Teachers maintain a record of how each and every child is behaving.

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