Elets TV - Part 19

Government is taking initiatives towards e-content preparation: Dr Tanu Dang

Elets’ interviews Dr Tanu Dang, Assistant Professor – Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Urdu, Arab- Farsi University. She shares her views on teachers being trained on the modern technology of e-content preparation. Watch the video to know more about the modern technology changing the face of education. Anton Stralman Womens Jersey

Modern technology has a pivotal role in the development of children: Rupali Patel

Elets’ interviews Rupali Patel, Principal – Lucknow Public School. She shares her opinion that life skills are very important for students, as it enhances their critical thinking in the real life and they can control the situation. Watch the video to know more about the technology driven education. San Francisco 49ers Womens Jersey