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Inaugural: Food & Pharma Sector Driving Gujarat’s Economic Growth

elets National Food & Pharma Summit 2017

The Elets Food & Pharma Summit, Ahmedabad seeks to bring together the two most promising sectors of the Indian economy on a single platform to speak in one voice over the ways to accelerate growth by highlighting emerging opportunities, innovations and fresh strategies. This pioneering Summit also brings a unique opportunity for key stakeholders of the two industries to build new synergies through collaboration with key decision makers, both in the government and corporate world.

Food Industry

Focus and Themes

  • Food Industry: Best Practices, Technologies, Innovations and Smooth transition to the new regulations
  • The Opportunity in the Digitalisation Drive on Hospitality and Retail Trade
  • Key Market and Consumer Trends Influencing the Food Services and Food Retail Industry
  • Growth Strategy for Food Services
  • Catalyzing the Roadmap Ahead for One Billion Plus Consumers
  • The First Peek: Product Showcase

Pharmaceuticals Industry

Focus and Themes

  • Overview of the regulatory Landscape for Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Pharma Industry: Best Practices, Innovations and Technologies
  • Growth Strategy for Pharmaceutical and Allied Business Services
  • The First Peek: Product Showcase and R&D Labs
  • Global Perspective: Challenges and Opportunities for Pharmaceutical Industry

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