HLF 2012 - Health Insurance: Enhancing Equity by Bringing Healthcare to the Masses - Dr Praneet Kumar

Dr  Praneet Kumar, CEO, BLK Super Speciality Hospital

Speaker at: Healthcare Leaders’ Forum 2012
Date: March 14, 2012
Venue: Assocham House, New Delhi

Brief: It is widely recognised that ill-health is one of the most serious challenges that households face. Any catastrophic illnesses in a country like India can wipe out decades of savings of below poverty line people. Illness is the most common reason for falling into poverty in India.
A major part of total health spending in the country takes the form of private, out-of-pocket spending, which is clearly regressive in nature. There is a clear need for developing health insurance mechanism, especially for the low-income people who need it the most. RSBY like model of protecting the poor and unorganised sector is workable and scalable.
Ten years back, government hospitals were grappling to retain their productive resources. However, after the government passed the Sixth Pay Commission, healthcare workers from the government sector enjoyed a hefty increase in salary as well as various other privileges which in turn motivates them to stay longer. Most Indian people do not use health insurance to finance their medical expenditure. The financial stress that is engendered due to rising medical expenses is believed to affect the lifestyle of all family members for years.

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