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Elets BFSI CTO Summit - Shiv Kumar Bhasin, CTO, State Bank Of India

Elets BFSI CTO Summit 2016

Elets BFSI CTO Summit – Inaugural – Shiv Kumar Bhasin, CTO, State Bank Of India 

The increasing innovation and implementation of technology has created a constant competition among key BFSI stake-holders to experiment, innovate and execute newer technologies in the highly competitive and ever increasing Indian BFSI Segment. Industry leaders and decision-makers sum up their views on how IT has been playing an essential role to serve the customers better, besides generating their interests for further better innovations.

Key Themes:

◆ Bankers’ role in technology ecosystem
◆ Latest technology analysis
◆ Building a digital platform for banks
◆ Ways to keep advance cyber threats at bay
◆ Defending against the unknown
◆ Blockchain revolution
◆ Payment Innovations
◆ Social Banking
◆ Optimising banking technologies : New Vistas
◆ Emerging technologies & impact on banking – benefits and challenges


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