eIndia 2011 – Plenary Session : Vision 2020: Reforming the Governance Landscape in India and Strategies for the Future – Shri Sunil Kakkad

Shri Sunil Kakkad, MD, SiS

Speaker at: eINDIA 2011
Date: 14-16 December 2011
Venue: Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Brief: There are two major challenges that are faced in implementing eGovernance. First is awareness and second is platform. Gujarat is the only state where we have 13,000 remote villages connected with GSWAN but the challenge is the awareness amongst the beneficiaries of that project. On the other hand, the kind of awareness that we have for the 108 ambulance service is something that needs to be replicated across the state for all the projects. There are lots of services available, but people don’t know about it. You can’t push the people to use these services; there should be appropriate awareness so that the services pull people towards them.
The second challenge, availability of a platform for e-Governance services is a big obstacle nationally. In Gujarat we are blessed with the vision that was there in beginning of 21st century and whose benefits we are reaping now in the form of GSWAN and other such connectivity platforms that have been established.

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