eIndia 2011 - eHEALTH India - ICT Innovations Revolutionalising Healthcare – A Bottom-up Approach - Nivedan Sahani

Nivedan Sahani, VP, Tata Teleservices
Speaker at: eHealth India 2011
Date: 14-16 December 2011
Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Brief: Nivedan Sahani, Vice President and Business Head, Tata Teleservices believes that healthcare industry has been exchanging information, such as medical images and more recently electronic medical records, through local networks

It used to take weeks, months, or even years to plan, procure, and deploy IT infrastructure for connecting embedded medical devices to the network and capture valuable data. Healthcare organisations use ventilators, heart monitors, ultrasound wands, and countless other portable medical devices. Cloud computing solutions can allow emergency room doctors to quickly access a patient’s history and make better and faster diagnosis. Technology infrastructure and medical devices are expensive to deploy in the healthcare industry. The diversity of regulations and existence of myriad life-saving outcomes make the cloud a bit more complicated to embrace than it is in other industries. However, outsourcing bits and pieces of healthcare data services can still be cost-effective solution, one that also leads to improved patient care.

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