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eIndia 2011 - eHEALTH India - ‘Hospital CIO Conclave’ – Mainstreaming IT in Indian Hospitals - Gunjan Kumar

Gunjan Kumar, Head- IT and Automation, Sahara Hospital
Speaker at: eHealth India 2011
Date: 14-16 December 2011
Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Brief: Gunjan Kumar, Head IT and Automation, Sahara Hospital believes that synchronised integrated healthcare delivery systems are evolving and leading to better clinical data management

Healthcare IT is an enabler. Most organisations around the world have envisaged ‘Business Visibility’ through adoption of Information Technology and have gone to the extent of restructuring and re-aligning their operations around new age technologies. The healthcare sector may be lagging behind in IT adoption initially, but in recent past there has been a  phenomenal spurt in IT spending by healthcare organisations.

Synchronised integrated healthcare delivery systems are evolving and resulting in better clinical data management and consistent clinical information across the healthcare enterprise. There is an analytical tool with capability to record complete vital-parameters data of all the patients in the critical  care area on a central database server for online analytics of each patient. Through the same web login the doctor can view all past critical and non-critical events and have further insight into the vital-parameters trend of his patient. This database server has an inbuilt tool, which analyzes each and every second of the patient’s vital parameters. Almost 150 bed side patients can be covered at the same time; the system keeps the data ready to be used by the technicians or doctors in any part of the world.

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